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At Wish You Travels, we believe our precious planet is an incredible place that should be explored and better understood by all of us. Governments, corporations, local companies, citizens and travelers: we all carry the responsibility to preserve the environment and respect every culture and community. That is why we are committed to managing our business with sustainability at heart.


Environmental Care

At Wish You Travels, we would rather work with small-scale tourism businesses whose values are in line with ours: minimal environmental impact but real economic opportunities for local people. Our team believes in an alternative way to travel, based on conservation and limited waste of Spain and Portugal’s natural resources.


Fair Business

We make sure our suppliers and coworkers are fairly compensated for their work, enjoying great working conditions and competitive benefits. In addition, we strive to partner with local-owned businesses, rather than international and large-scale corporations.


Best Practices

We make sure our business and partners are always innovating and leading by example. We continue to enhance our environmental, social, cultural, and economic sustainability policies, not because it’s a trend, but because it’s our real essence.


Positive Impact

We work hard on a daily basis to leave a positive impact on society and the Iberian Peninsula economy, pushing for a respectful and sustainable Travel Industry and bringing you, our travelers, genuine experiences and well-preserved destinations.

We believe that a better world is possible, and every day we strive to make this planet a wondrous place to live and travel.

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We have been organizing custom tours in Spain and Portugal for many years and our experience speaks for itself; but don’t take our word for it: check out what our travelers have to say about travelling with us!

  • DeborahApril 2023

    Our vacation was fabulous and we had the best time together, thanks to Lalo and his team. Wish You Travels went above and beyond to make sure we had a unique vacation to remember!   We had a great time and loved our visits in Spain and Portugal. Their attention to detail was apparent every day.  From dependable and friendly drivers,  informative and attentive guides, to top rated hotels.  We saw and visited places we would not have known about had we joined a typical local city tour.  Having the Trip Plans app was brilliant and was used many times every day.  Thank you Wish You Travels for a trip we will always remember! 

  • JaneMay 2023

    This trip exceeded our expectations.  Every aspect of journey was carefully planned for us.  Lalo listened to what we wanted to do and created a trip within our budget and that matched our requests.  We couldn’t have asked for a better planned trip.  Lalo or one of his team colleagues contacted us several times during the trip to see that all was going as we had hoped.  I highly recommend Wish You Travels. We loved this trip, but Porto, our cooking class, the sunset cruise in Lisbon, the delightful apartment in Funchal, Madeira, the Port and wine tastings and all of the great guides and drivers made this trip truly special.  Whenever possible we had the same guides or drivers so we got to know them well.  The guides were very knowledgeable which made for interesting tours. 

  • Nancy & ChuckMay 2023

    Our trip was fantastic! Lalo and his team put together an itinerary that met our budget and schedule. They were flexible in providing transportation and accommodation options that allowed that. It was all memorable. We saw much of Spain and Portugal, both the large cities and smaller rural areas. Our guides were also uniformly great. It was very helpful to generally skip lines and have commentary just for us. We often remarked at how lucky we were to not be in a large group, although as we age that may be what we do in the future. We were glad Lalo encouraged us to take a Douro Valley Port Wine Tour. It was a very enjoyable day.  

  • Elaine & BobMay 2023

    We can’t say enough good things about our experience working with Lalo and his team. After several phone conversations with him, it felt more like a friend was arranging a memorable trip to Spain and Portugal for us, rather than a travel specialist. All we had to do was schedule our flights to and from Barcelona; Lalo took care of everything else. He paid very close attention to everything we requested, made suggestions for alternative/additional places to visit and provided us with a very detailed proposal. We could not have been more pleased with the results, and we could not have developed as good a program on our own. During the trip, everything went as planned, and from time to time, Lalo checked in with us to see how things were going. The hotels were all excellent, transfers/drivers on time, and guides knowledgeable and engaging. The one time we needed assistance at a hotel, it was taken care of immediately. We felt that Lalo took a personal interest in making sure everything went well on our visit to Spain and Portugal. He specifically requested particular guides in many of the cities and locations we visited and even arranged to meet us for ice cream while we were in Madrid. Lalo was a blessing to us. If we were to rate the trip on a five-point scale it would be a five. If we were to rate the personal services he provided through the travel company, it would be six on the five-point scale. We had a fantastic time and were able to see a great deal of Spain and Portugal in a relatively short period of time. 

  • JudyApril 2022

    Wish You Travels planned our trip really well. We enjoyed or holiday very much. Wish You Travels understands our needs and provided useful and insightful advices. The planning and communication process was well recorded and adjusted accordingly. The presentation of the itinerary was easy to understand and professionally presented. Wish You Travels made great choice regarding hotels and restaurants for us. Our driver was very professional and looked after us for the entire trip. We had a memorable trip. We would use Wish You Travels for our future trips to Spain and Portugal. Highly recommended. 

  • Steve and his familyMay 2022

    Our family had a wonderful trip to Spain in late May and early June 2022. Everyone from Wish You Travels were extremely kind, helpful, and patient as we worked together to define an itinerary for our family. They provided great insight as we considered the specific cities we wanted to visit and made good recommendations based on taking the time to get to know us and our interests. We truly loved every city and all activities but the highlights for us were:  1) Private boat day tour in Mallorca (beautiful water and scenery, great lunch), 2) Granada (easily walkable and very interesting city with the Alhambra and the flamenco show), 3) Sevilla (beautiful city on the river with great architecture and plantings everywhere you look), 4) Day trip to Toledo and visiting the cathedral which is stunning and unlike any we've seen in Europe. Wish You Travels always followed up very quickly on any actions taken and emailed or texted the information back to us. In addition, Lalo was a tremendous help when two of our family members surprisingly tested positive for COVID and we could not return to the U.S. as planned. He helped us extend our trip by a few days, found us a hotel (when all hotels in the city were sold out) and arranged for us to get additional COVID tests a few days later and new transportation to the airport.  He took the time to make sure we were well taken care of, even though our itinerary with Wish You Travels was technically complete. WYT did not request any additional fees for these extra services. I would highly recommend Lalo and Wish You Travels for anyone considering a trip to Spain or Portugal. Having someone who is a local (based in Madrid) with great knowledge of the country definitely beats a company based in the U.S. (or another home country) who may have visited Spain a few times. Thank you again, we loved your country and hope to return to visit northern Spain next time! 

  • RobertJune 2022

    We took several months to put the trip together. Lalo has great patience for putting up with me.  The pre itinerary was fun and exhausting. I had to rely on Lalo's experience and several times I asked him to make the decision as if it was his own trip. The trip turned out better than I expected. The different experiences every day were unbelievable, and every day it topped the day before. Every experience was new and unique, places we did not know that existed and once we went, we were surprised that we knew nothing about them. It was like watching fireworks displace and every firework is better than the last. Of course, the tapas tour and the Spanish cooking Class put this trip over the top. I must say that the drivers and guides we used were very helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating. Wish You Travels team were tracking us daily and everything went so smoothly that I stopped thinking about what could go wrong the next day. Everything was picture perfect. I would certainly recommend Wish You Travels to anyone thinking about visiting Spain. I guess the true compliment is wanting to use a service again in the future. I talked to Lalo about the possibility of coming back to Southern or Northern Spain next year, possible May or early June. 

  • Dinia and familyAugust 2022

    Our recent trip to Spain and the experience working with the travel company Wish You Travels is nothing short of completely blowing our wildest expectations. I was a bit apprehensive about using a travel company, after all, in the time of internet, I wasn't sure what else a travel agency could offer, boy I was so happy I went this route! From the very beginning they truly listened to what we wanted to get out of our trip. After 3 years of pandemic and many years of not being together as a family, we wanted a vacation that was not only a celebration of our family and let us all explore places together but also have some real family time. Since the very beginning, they heard our wants and needs and created an itinerary that was truly perfect for us, provided alternatives, suggestions and well balanced and insightful feedback that ultimately gave us the perfect trip. Lalo started as a very capable, charismatic and in my words, outstanding contact and ended up as a dear friend to me and my family at the end of the trip. All the team kept in touch with us through the trip to make sure we were all taken care. In the very rare event when things changed for one reason or another, I found they were already one step ahead of us and being extremely proactive.  

  • Sam & DoriMarch 2023

    We just completed a 16 day Jewish Heritage Trip of Spain. Lalo, from "Wish You Travels", was absolutely spectacular. We have visited over 80 counties around the world and lived for extended time in Australia/New Zealand, Hong Kong, Israel and Germany. No one, no travel agency did or could do better than Lalo. Not in any special order...he was always available both before the trip and during the trip. We Zoomed together probably at least 6 times before the trip. He met us at the hotel after we just arrived form the US in Madrid. I called him several times during the trip and he always answered the phone and responded to my inquires immediately. In fact, he stayed in contact almost every day of the trip asking for feedback and what he could do to make the trip even better. He loved co-creating the itinerary with my wife and me. We stayed at 7 hotels, which he worked with us to choose. We had 10 different guides in 9 different cities-towns villages...and they were top, top, top. All incredible experts. Lalo suggested restaurants for all places and they were spot on. Wish You Travels use a personal app they create for you as the client. It is fantastic. ALL the documents, tickets, vouchers and every single day's itineraries and where to be and when were detailed in the app. Names and phone numbers of guides and drivers, restaurants and your hotel details were also available through this app. The app works on and off line. Wow!  Yes...the trip and the company were 5 star!!!!! 

  • Joshua, Lauren and kidsMarch 2023

    Outstanding trip with excellent service and attention to detail throughout. Lalo is accessible, agreeable and focused on his clients. We traveled through Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona. Lalo took care of everything but did not overplan and really listened to the type of trip that we wanted. Excellent tour guides and really top notch technology offering with an app that contained every detail we needed (tickets, pick-up times, etc). Lalo went above and beyond when our youngest left a stuffed animal behind and drama ensued, but I knew all I had to do was alert Lalo and sure enough, it was waiting for us at the next hotel. This is our third trip to Europe and each has been excellent but Lalo and the travel agency gets my highest recommendation. We really enjoyed our Tapas and Gastronomy tour in Madrid, as well as the cooking lesson in Barcelona. Side trips to Toledo and Costa Brava were also handled without a hitch. We requested boutique hotels and Lalo delivered with excellent choices, balancing location, service and cost in a way that made me (as the trip planner) look good to my family. Finally, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona: among the most sensational buildings in the world. 


  • AlnoorAugust 2019

    Wish You Travels promised me that our family vacation to Portugal and Spain would be the trip of a lifetime and he delivered on his commitment in the best way possible.
    The first thing that was special was the time he invested to learn about my family to get a sense of who we were, what we liked, what we wanted, how open we were to different ideas, budget and so on.
    Wish You Travels may be smaller than other companies, but they truly designed and delivered a spectacular vacation for my family. Thank you!

  • AndyAugust 2019

    My trip was so well thought out by my travel agent Lalo. He really took the time to design our dream vacation.
    The hotel was awesome and all of the places they recommended to drive and see were fabulous. Not only did he list his favorite places he put all of them on maps. All we had to do was open a link and away we went with a map quest.

  • Omar family tripAugust 2019

    The whole trip starting from the first contact till our return has been an amazing experience. We asked for a flavor of Spain and got memories to last a lifetime!
    Our Travel Designer was very good at identifying activities which could keep the whole family busy. This was an extreme element throughout the trip and if one day was spent in museums the next day was an activity catering for the children.

  • WhitneySeptember 2019

    We would like to personally thank Wish You Travels for their outstanding service, communication and efforts. We had the trip of a life-time! Our travel planner has been attentive, kind, and courteous. Through our experience we have grown a bond. He worked within our budget, and short time frame, to provide amazing services, experiences, drivers, support staff and an overall vacation. He worked so hard and his attention to detail was impeccable.

  • Collin and EllenSeptember 2019

    We could not have been more pleased with Wish You Travels team. From the initial planning stages of our vacation in Portugal and Spain, all the way to the end of our trip, Wish You Travels was always one text or phone call away to help with anything we might need.

  • CharleneSeptember 2019

    Our trip to Spain and Portugal was fabulous. Our travel agent from Wish You Travels planned our trip perfectly with great drivers, wonderful tour guides and the best food and wine. He and his team were accessible to us throughout our entire trip, which is a great comfort especially when you are new to a country.

  • FrankOctober 2019

    Wish You Travels designed a complex itinerary for our family of six, involving seven locations, transfers, museum visits and two days hiking Camino de Santiago. The charming hotels, services and countryside life were breathtaking. The entire experience came off with flawless precision thanks to agent’s planning, attention to detail, and personal service. Everybody I know will hear about how amazing Wish You Travels is.

  • MichaelDecember 2019

    We feel like our amazing family trip to Spain (Barcelona, Seville, Cordoba) and Portugal (Porto, Tomar, Sintra, Lisbon) actually began when we started working with our travel agent six months prior to our departure date. He consistently followed up with us to understand our interests, priorities, likes and dislikes, in order to create a wonderful itinerary that satisfied our entire family.

  • Kristie & ThomasJanuary 2020

    We have never had such wonderful customer care from any other company and would not hesitate to use you again and have told so many people about you that I am sure you will get lots of new business. Thank you so much and I look forward to travelling with your company again. You have wonderful people working for you and it is the staff that make the company stand out.

  • MaryFebruary 2020

    Wish You Travels could not have been more helpful! The planning took account of all our wishes, and they were executed as planned from hotel, private visits, unique activities, internal flights and high-speed train tickets. Throughout the holiday agent personal attention during the trip was very evident and one felt that we were always in strong hands to resolve any issue. We have travelled many times with various travel companies, and I have no hesitation in writing that Wish You Travels is at the very top.

  • MargaretJuly 2020

    The personal guided tours and unique activities that Wish You Travels arranged for us were absolutely fantastic. Each and every guide we had in Lisbon, Porto, Santiago de Compostela, San Sebastian, La Rioja and Barcelona was highly knowledgeable on the history, architecture and culture of their respective cities allowing us to get a real feel for each city we visited.

  • JaniceAugust 2021

    We had a memorable trip, everything was perfect! Even though, one member of our party of four was handicapped, and because of the care provided, we were able to see and do almost everything that all tourists do in these areas. It was so obvious that everyone we dealt with along the way really cared about us as travelers!

  • SunilSeptember 2021

    Our family trip to Spain and Portugal was wonderful. We had private drivers and guides who were always very kind, helpful, and well informed. Lalo and his company Wish You Travels planned the trip from start to finish and kept us fully informed during the planning process as well as frequently checking in on us during the actual trip.

  • AnilOctober 2021

    This trip to Northern Spain and around the coast of Portugal was made to order for us by Wish You Travels, and it would be so hard to say what were the very best memories, they were all wonderful! The trip was perfectly designed to see the best of these areas with the amount of time we had, so the planning had to be perfect!

  • AshleyNovember 2021

    Our trip to Spain and Portugal was amazing in every detail starting with Lalo who organized and planned everything of our trip. Lalo was spectacular because he wanted to make sure we had a fabulous trip! He did exactly what we wanted, and we saw everything we had wished for and made it always the best!!

  • Casey & ChelseaApril 2022

    Wish You Travels went way above and beyond planning, changing, and ultimately creating the most amazing honeymoon my wife and I could have asked for!

  • WendyMay 2022

    This was the best vacation we have ever taken, it was worry free and everything was perfect. I would highly recommend Wish You Travels, they listened to all of our wants and made it fabulous. We did not want to leave and cannot wait to return and explore more of Spain.

  • StephenNovember 2018

    Without question, you put together the best trip I have ever taken. Everything seamlessly came together at all times. We were collected, organized and shown around like visiting dignitaries. The hotels were fantastic, and the itinerary was just right. Everybody I know will hear about traveling around Spain with Wish You Travels.

  • WendyOctober 2018

    Our trip to Portugal was awesome! We learned so much about the customs, food and Portuguese history. We never had any concerns about where we needed to be or when, even with quite a few transfers. We could not have had a better travel experience!

  • FrankSeptember 2018

    Wish You Travels designed a complex itinerary for our family of six, involving seven locations, transfers, museum visits and two days hiking the Camino Santiago. The charming hotels, services and countryside live were breathtaking. The entire experience came off with flawless precision thanks to Lalo’s planning, attention to detail, and personal service. Everybody I know will hear about how amazing Wish You Travels is.

  • PaulJune 2018

    Lalo came up with a couple of spectacular itineraries tailor made for us. We eventually decided to go with the Basque Country and Catalonia option, and it was wonderful. Every transfer, activity, or private visit to museums was coordinated to perfection and we couldn’t be happier. The food and the wine were spectacular. Thank you for showing us the time of our lives.

  • JeffJune 2018

    This was a dream holiday. We did a private yacht trip around Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza, plus two days in Barcelona. We travel extensively and hands down this was the best one! We didn't have to worry about anything. Wish You Travels took away the hassle of our 'out of the country' holiday. Everyone involved was so friendly and professional. Nothing less than five stars from us!

  • MichaelJune 2018

    Lalo Garcia was the perfect person to planning our vacation to Portugal and Spain. He listened to everything that we wanted and came up with a fabulous schedule and great ideas. We were so impressed with the Spanish Paradores, Sevilla Alcazar, and the secret beaches in Portugal that he recommended. We are glad we followed his advice. Thanks so much.

  • JamesMay 2018

    Arriving in Santiago de Compostela Cathedral after one-week hiking was a real highlight! The guide was great, the landscapes unforgettable and we loved the boutique hotels. We wouldn't hesitate to book another trip through you and will be recommending to our friends and family!

  • LisaApril 2018

    Our vacation to Spain and Portugal was perfect from start to finish. Wish You Travels did an excellent job arranging every detail of our trip. From the places we stayed, our drivers, our tour guides, to our dinner recommendations, we could not have asked for anything better. Our boutique accommodations were perfect, really charming. We recommend Wish You Travels 100%!

  • RobertApril 2018

    Extraordinary Experience! From beginning to end, we were well taken care of. Thank you so very much. A very memorable trip indeed!

  • KarenMarch 2018

    The trip was absolutely marvelous! We really want to thank you because everything was just perfect: the itinerary, the hotels, the activities, the guides, the drivers, the details, the personal touches… We travel a lot and I can say without doubt that this was the best organized trip we’ve ever had!

  • MaryOctober 2017

    Wish You Travels could not have been more helpful! The planning took account of all our wishes and they were executed as planned from hotel, internal flights and private visits. Throughout the holiday Lalo’s personal attention during the trip was very evident and one felt that we were always in strong hands to resolve any issue. We have travelled many times with various travel companies, and I have no hesitation in writing that Wish You Travels is at the very top.

  • NancySeptember 2017

    Our family trip to Spain was absolutely amazing! The planning process was super easy and very well-tailored. Before the trip, Lalo was super responsive to changes and personal recommendations adapted to us. The guides were fabulous, knowledgeable, and helpful, but also gave us the space we wanted. It proved to be our most enjoyable family trip of the many that we’ve done!

  • SusanSeptember 2017

    We got back from our honeymoon in Spain yesterday - and just wanted to say thank you so much for organizing our trip. It was better that we imagine!

  • AmandaSeptember 2017

    I'm not usually a tour person, but our trip through Spain with Lalo was like traveling with a local friend. Not only did we get to learn and experience the amazing culture of Spain at great restaurants, hotels, and sites we would have never found on our own, but we also felt safe and cared for. Every detail was thought of, and Lalo treats you like family. I wish I could bring him with me on every trip I take. 5-Star recommendation!!!

  • RachelJuly 2017

    Thank you for a memorable Spanish trip. Our driver guide was amazing. He was patient, well-spoken, professional, and committed to our safety and comfort. He was top-notch. Our guides were excellent—very professional and accessible—and we enjoyed the balance of information and the independence.

  • ChrisJune 2017

    Our Andalucía trip was amazing. Alhambra in Granada and Cordoba Mosque were breathtaking, and this was one of my favorite trips yet. I wanted to let you know that it was awesome—thank you so much for your help. Next up—planning our next adventure to Barcelona and the Pyrenees!

  • LindaMay 2017

    We had the most amazing time on our trip to Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Ronda and Granada! I can't thank you enough for helping to organize such a memorable vacation. Thank you so much!

  • BethMarch 2017

    We could not be any happier with our travel specialist. Lalo tailor-made our vacation to fit our specific needs. We have booked luxury travel vacations for years with other agencies. Thank you for giving us a vacation of a lifetime! I highly recommend Wish You Travels to arrange your next vacation!

  • MargaretFebruary 2017

    Thank you for all your help and arranging an incredible trip. The hotels, restaurants and private city tours you recommended to us were all perfect; comfortable, luxurious and at the same time not too formal. The logistics worked very smoothly and stress free. Communicating with you was really easy and you certainly understood what we wanted and delivered it. Thanks for an incredible time.

  • NickAugust 2016

    What a top top top trip to Spain! Thanks so much, everything was perfect. Your guides were simply outstanding. The drivers were also terrific. I can't wait to go back to your country! Gracias

  • CarolJuly 2016

    I was very impressed with Wish You Travels service. I really felt that they knew exactly what kind of trip I was looking for and all of my queries were answered swiftly and informatively. I will be recommending the company to friends and family, for those who are looking for a stress-free trip to Spain, one of my favorite countries.

  • SueJuly 2016

    This was the most incredible trip! Lalo planned a perfect itinerary on short notice. Our tour guides and drivers were amazing, especially Miguel. We really enjoyed the food and wine tour and our accommodations were wonderful. We could not have asked for a better trip! Definitely recommend Wish You Travels to all!

  • AngelaJuly 2016

    The luxury customized tour that Wish You Travels made for us was brilliant. Lalo was quick to respond to our queries and had a great knowledge of Spain. The itinerary we were sent was spot on, which meant we could sit back and enjoy ourselves. All transfers were on time and professional. The private flamenco class was amazing - we really couldn't have asked for much more.

  • AmberMarch 2016

    I loved Spain!!! I would give it a 11 out of 10. Everything is so well thought out and genuine, a true endeavor of love. I had a fantastic time, I ate the best food ever and I’m planning on returning and visit the North of Spain next year. Just writing this makes me want to go back.